The challenge
of innovating while
respecting tradition

Innovative spirit

The Sea Wine Club is an R&D&I project in collaboration with the University of Alicante applied to the world of wine; a challenge to innovation and a revolution in the wine sector, characterised by immobility and tradition.

Faced with this need for new contributions, at The Sea Wine Club we have taken on the responsibility of developing a new oenological project with the capacity to shake up the foundations of the wine world and generate repercussions worldwide: underwater maturation.

Thus, we embarked on the scientific study of this innovative way of ageing wines without previous references, as no relevant research had previously been carried out to indicate how wines evolved under the sea.

What result do we achieve?

After the underwater maturation process we managed to work magic on these wines, leaving them totally structured, smoothing out the edges of acidity or rusticity, maturing the fruit we found in the wine favourably and achieving a gentleness in the mouth worthy of only the best wineries.

In addition, we find that the longevity and cellaring capacity of our wines already matured under the sea is significantly increased.

We collaborate with University of
Alicante as part of our I+D+i policy

Analysing the evolution of the flavours and structures of submerged wines from a scientific and rigorous perspective

Our team, based at our facility, consists of specialists in the field, including highly qualified divers with experience in international projects.

Our innovative spirit encourages us to progressively delve into the world of marine maturation

A curiosity that will eventually lead to the creation of new, surprising wines and varieties.