The sea
as a unique,

natural and
infinite winery

We offer a line of unique wines of superior quality, from small productions of our own vineyards which, thanks to our underwater maturation process in the Mediterranean, develop unique nuances, flavours and aromas, impossible to achieve through traditional maturation, which transform them into something truly exclusive.

We make limited editions of between 850 and 1,600 bottles from four very special designations of origin: Ribera del Duero, Rioja Alavesa, Rías Baixas and Cava.

Prospective elaboration

Although underwater maturation allows a natural control of temperature, pressure, movement and luminosity, each wine matures differently under the sea.

Our years of research and trials with wines of different origins, vintages, grape varieties and degrees of ageing, have led us to carefully select our vineyards and to consider how the wines will evolve on the seabed according to their characteristics.

A process totally measured and controlled by our specialist oenologists which, during our elaboration in the winery, will give rise to exceptional wines, with great acidity, high tannin content and very aromatic, which will be culminated with our innovative process ”underwater maturation”.

We firmly believe that underwater maturation will eventually become an imperative method to be considered within the processes associated with the wine sector.

The pressure, salinity, the constant movement, the temperature and the insulation provided by the seabed make the wine significantly more unique in both its flavour and appearance.

The silos we use represent a permanent substrate on the seabed that reinforces its richness and vitality.