We look at the
Mediterranean Sea

with our sights
set on its future

The submarine silos of The Sea Wine Club are submerged at a depth of approximately 20 meters, a mile and a half from the Bay of Alicante in the well-known Cabo de las Huertas, bathed by the Mediterranean.

This sea is characterised by its warm waters which are rich in both flora and fauna. It has an area of nearly 2.5 million square kilometers and is 3,860 kilometers long, with an average depth of 1,370 meters.

Our activity not only
respects the seabed

it reinforces it by creating artificial reefs that allow the increase of marine biomass and the regeneration of Posidonia meadows.

At the bottom of Cabo de las Huertas, as well as on its shores, there are abundant concentrations of Posidonia, a plant that forms one of the most diverse ecosystems in the entire Mediterranean Sea.

The Mediterranean and its spirit is an important part of The Sea Wine Club's DNA.

A sea that has been so active throughout its history is a clear inspiration for the land-sea link that we propose

Continuing with its spirit of safeguarding the most precious treasures, such as the wines with which we work at The Sea Wine Club, we give you the chance to immerse yourself in the Mediterranean and contemplate some of its most precious secrets.

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Larvotto Marine Reserve